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Today has not quite gone as planned. Having felt on top of my (Christmas) game yesterday, today it has all gone a little pear shaped. I have been having stern words with myself to remind me that it really isn’t that much of a big deal. My major plan for today was to decorate the tree and then a little light baking and crafting all of which would be jobs to cross off THE list. Mr Beez had the tree up in record time without me even having to say whether it was straight (it was). I had got the lights down early to check that they worked (they did) and we checked again to see if they were still OK (they were). You can now probably guess where this is going! As we reached about the halfway point, which equates to 200 lights, I thought we’d just double check what they looked like. Well let me tell you – the half on the tree were not working at all, whilst the half on the floor twinkled merrily. You can no longer get replacement bulbs for these and we have had them for at least 5 years so they had to go. Well you can’t decorate a tree until you have the lights on can you so that was that. I comforted myself with a cup of coffee, laced with a shot of Bailey’s, and took myself off for a little light crafting.


I have two glittery ornaments to share with you today, both of which use images from The Graphics Fairy.


I’ve used a glittery snowflake, picked up in last year’s sales, as the base and added a circle of starry tinsel. I printed two of the little girl images, punching a hole in one and layering it on top of the second, then I’ve placed an epoxy dome over the centre.

P1060724I’ve added some crystal clear glitter over the dome and some chunky glitter to the wreath part of image.


Next I framed the image with some clear and red gems. These came on a sticky strip so were easy to apply.



I’ve added holly leaves and berries at the top and a Merry Christmas and a red satin bow at the bottom.


The base of the second ornament is the inside of a Kilner jar (canning/mason jar?) that I’ve covered with music manuscript and then edged with thin gold tinsel.


After punching out the image I’ve edged it with gold glitter and then applied to the centre. Next I gave the whole thing a coating of chunky clear glitter.



I’ve added some faux spruce fronds and gold berries to the top and a tartan bow and rusty jingle bells to the bottom




This part of my day I am very happy with and I hope that you like them too. As I have used images from The Graphics Fairy I will be linking them up for the Brag Monday party tomorrow and I’d love it if you buzzed over and gave them a “like” tomorrow afternoon.

Now you will recall my other job for today was a little light baking. I’m not sure I will manage that now so, I shall add it tomorrow’s list. I’m hoping to share some of my endeavours, together with the recipes so I hope you’ll buzz by and take a look.

Thanks for buzzing by today.




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  1. Love your ornaments…makes me wish I had done a traditional/vintage tree this year. Two trees with two different theme’s and vintage would not work with either. Next year. Oh I hear you about the lights. It’s like I’ll fake them when tested, then let them get the tree done and puff…out they go. Not how you wanted your day to start but better they went out before you had the tree completed. I’ve had that happen before. My tree has been up for about two weeks…and I just realized this morning that I never put the purple lights on it. Hello…how can a person do that. It’s pre-wired with white and add strings of dark purple. Still shaking my head on this major duh! and as the tree is covered in faux snow…it will be without said lights. Grrr! Hope the rest of your day go much better.

    • Your tree sounds amazing Sandra – I know you will be frustrated about the purple lights (great colour)but I bet no one else will guess! What is your other theme? We have a real tree and random ornaments that we have collected over the years – we still have some from when we were first married over 31 years ago. I then have a small white tree in the dining room which I change the theme of each year. I think this year it will be green and silver. (I wrote it down last year so must have had a plan at the time!!) I do go over the top with other decorations but I love it. Am looking forward to a week of pottering around getting everything ready. 🙂

      • Oh green and silver sounds so pretty. A combination I don’t think I’ve seen before. My trees..well I have a tree in every room of my apartment. Insanity. The tree that should have had the purple lights on it is in my is a Goddess tree, as I am Pagan. It’s 3 shades purple, silver and chocolate brown ornaments with clear ornaments that I filled and decorated with a pentagram. And I love it. The tree in the living room is white/white lights and the theme is antique. This year I put all the ornaments that belonged to my grandmother’s, my ex mother in law and my mother plus some antique ones my daughter got me as a gift and strings of colored beading. Good luck with all your decorating…sounds like we both go over the top.

        • A tree in every room is not insanity – it’s perfection! Never thought of a tree in the bedroom, although I do have two sets of fairy lights, maybe need to organise a tree too! Your trees sound divine too especially with all those ornaments that have history. I’m still waiting for my tree lights to come, but have almost done all my other decorations (including the bathroom!). It’s such fun putting them up – and I try to remember that when I take them all down again!!!

  2. Your trials in tree-trimming made me smile–been there myself. Love your ornaments! Is the base of the deer ornament the metal lid of a mason jar? Some of the English terms for things don’t translate so well for us Yanks 🙂
    You seem like a very fun person; I bet it’d be great to have you for a friend! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

    • Aww thank you Roberta and I’d like to think we are friends 🙂 Yes, it is the lid from a mason type jar – it is the disc that sits inside the ring – another piece of junk used up and off my craft table!!!!

  3. Oh I love both of these ornaments! I also have used lids for the base of an ornament…I used the lids from cans of orange juice concentrate!!! They make great bases to add things to! And I’ve had that happen with my lights too…what a BUMMER! At least you didn’t let it ruin your day and maybe it was ‘meant to be’! Good luck finishing your tree!

    • Thank you Lori. It’s cheered me up just knowing that other people understand my pain!!! Great idea to use can lids – I’d not thought of that, another thing I can hoard!! I’ll post a pic of the tree when it’s done – just got to wait for the new lights 🙂

  4. OK -wait – That SHOULD read:
    Amazing ornaments!! Now I can’t wait for all the after holiday sales so I can stock up on some crafty goodies 🙂 LOL

    • Thank you Christi. The key part of the plan is remembering where you put them too!!! I have things from other years that are squirreled away somewhere 🙂

  5. Oh no 🙁 , but all these things can be sorted out and you can comfort yourself with the assurance that you are much, much better prepared than I.

    Your lovely glittery ornaments would brighten anyone’s day.

    Dionne xx

  6. Oh, the dreaded tree lights… My DH is something of a tree perfectionist, so he is in charge of the tree straightening and lighting every year. Your gorgeous ornaments will look wonderful on your tree!

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