This week over at Every Inchie Monday we are channelling the Renaissance. As always, there are some fabulous creations, not to mention inventive thinking, from the other players. Do buzz over and take a peek. I’ve opted for some little collages :


These were made using some papers and images from The Gecko Galz. The backgrounds are from the Background Jewel It collection which I have combined with images from the Leonardo’s Visions collage set.


Because the designs were very detailed and small I manipulated and combined them digitially. I’ve used a gold leaf pen around the edge.


I think the one on the right above is my favourite. I love how her face fades into the background. A complete fluke achieved by playing with different toolsΒ on the formatting tab!


Now, this collection only partly reflects the first thought that came to mind when thinking about the word Renaissance and it would have been wrong of meΒ not to create an inchie that truly represents my intellectuality. So I present to you:


When my boys were younger we lived through a very Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle (they were, for some reason, not allowed to be called Ninja turtles back then) period. When I asked my eldest son (now 25) what colour band Leonardo wore he rattled them off for each turtle with frightening speed. Glad to know their education wasn’t entirely wasted!!!

Thanks for buzzing by.


Renaissance — 24 Comments

  1. Love your renaissance inchies but, to be honest, I think I would prefer four Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – I love the flip side of your mind, πŸ˜‰

    Dionne xx

  2. These are gorgeous, love how you combined the background’s and images so well too and of course I love your turtle, we lived through that phase too. ~Diane

  3. Your Leonardo inchies are fabulous. So dreamy in feel. I would never have thought of the ninja turtles, but I’ve always loved their names. Well done.

  4. It’s a wonder why we wasted our time on Italian Renaissance art while the kiddos are concerned about TMNT and Pokemon. Your collages are done very nicely, especially with the gold framing. Have a brilliant day! cheryl

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