Plum is this week’s theme over at Every Inchie Monday. I’ve chosen to go for some little collages based on the colour:


I used Spun Sugar distress ink and then topped it with Seedless Preserves to create the backgrounds and then a variety of materials to create the collages.


Here I’ve added embroidery threads and tiny seed beads. the beads are plum/blue/green, depending on the light. The little flower was in the same box – it’s neither a bead or a sequin but somewhere in between!


For this one I’ve added some torn strips of hammered paper with a pearlised finish. I bought a huge wodge of this paper from the Paper Mill when I first started crafting and still have a lot left. I coloured a paper flower with seedless preserves and topped it off with a tiny gem.


I used the same paper to punch a little heart and then added some shading. Now whilst I was making this trio another thought occurred to me and, because I could, I added a late entry to my set:


Never too early for a little plum pudding is it?!

Make sure you buzz over to Every Inchie Monday and see what the rest of the players have been up to. There’s always so much creative thinking that goes on you’ll be sureΒ of a treat.

Thanks for buzzing by.




Plum — 20 Comments

  1. What a gorgeous rich plum color, so pretty, love it Lisette. Don’t know how you think these things up but you sure do. Such cute little inchies. Will have to pop over to see what other inchie makers did. Hope you’re having a good week, did the rain stop?

    • Thank you. You may have seen me comment that my first boyfriend was called David Plum – he used to have to stand on a box to kiss me!!!!Hope you enjoyed visiting the other inchie players – always amazing work. The rain is coming and going, today I am in the office so you can be fairly sure it will be hot and sunny – except when I walk to the bus stop of course πŸ™‚

  2. Oww, these are almost edible – and I am not just talking about the plum pudding. This purple is luscious. I think my favourite is the one with the seed beads – just like purple grapes.

    Dionne xx

  3. Lisette, what beautiful colors of plum!!! It’s kinda a tough color to depict. (I kept going through, is it maroon?, is it lavender,? I had a hard time finding plum!)) But wow, you did an awesome job!! Oh, ps. you might want to relink you URL to Every Inchie Monday, it just leads to the link machine for some reason and not your blog! :0) Just thought I’d let ya’ know! :0) Share Humanity

    • Thanks for flagging that up Annette – I’ve redone it and gone to the back of the queue!!! You’re right about the colour often pink/yellow through to blueberry in colour, but delicious either way πŸ™‚

  4. Ah good – you redid the URL and now I found you! Such lovely little collages. It’s really something I want to try some week. you do them so well. I really like the one with the seed beads and the tiny little flower

  5. love how many different ways that you showed off the plum! I am partial to the beaded one. But all are adorable. BTW the I have never had plum pudding!

    • See your fabulous inchies are beginning to influence me! Plum pudding is not to everyone’s taste but I love it and make at least one every year – there is always more than half of it left no matter what size I make! The best bit is setting fire to it. I will have to send you some when I make this year’s! πŸ™‚

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