The new theme at Every Inchie Monday this week is odd. No question as to how I would interpret this, it had to be socks!!! Odd socks are the bane of my life. Mr Beez is innocent but the other two males in my household, my sons, are guilty as charged. They have a dreadful habit of leaving odd socks lying around in their rooms with the result that only one makes it to the wash. Consequently, I have a whole box of odd socks that I keep in the hope that its partner will turn up. On days when this happens I am strangely elated over such a small thing. One day, I thought all my Christmases had come at once when I recognised that there were three socks for whichΒ I had had their missing partners for months. Imagine my upset then when I realised that youngest son had simply raided the odd socks box and worn whatever was to hand. Therefore the socks I thought I had “found” were just the original odd ones back in circulation. Grrrrrr! Anyway, here are my inchies that were created from this constant source of irritation:


These were made using some papers that I will tell you all about tomorrow. I used some to create the background squares and then stamped on to them and cut out the little socks. The socks are actually Christmas stocking stamps that I’ve cut the tops off.

P1080734 P1080733 P1080732

Even just looking at these is making me anxious!!!

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  1. Love your socks Lisette, I am always loosing them, I don’t know how it comes, well I know, I forgot them in the washing machine or in the dryer or my son puts them next to the laundry box and then of course stays there for a while, till the box is moved, and then I have the trouble of “I-forgot-where-I-put-the-other-pair”… grrrr I hate that game too!

  2. Ha ha, I have got around this problem by buying all the same black socks for my OH (it also helps when they start wearing out ‘cos they get new partners when one goes in the bin).

    Your Christmas stockings have worked a treat here, well done. An odd number of inchies too!

    Dionne xxx

  3. aren’t odd socks the bane of everyone’s existence???? We had a box that had 2 odd socks in them that were over 5 years old. I just knew if I threw them away the other one would be found. My daughter goaded me into tossing them (visions of my Mom’s 500 hoarded butter dishes ran thru my head) so I tossed them. I kid you not, 1 month after tossing them I found 1 of the matches! ARGGGG! Now I buy only white socks so there are no more lonely Odd socks lol. Love your inchie, a great job!

  4. I know what you mean, I always thought the washer ate them! Love your cute little inchies and how you interpreted it too. ~Diane

  5. Love your story. Like everyone else, I have my collection of odd socks, but I too started buying mostly black socks of the same type to avoid the problem, but even the same brand of socks are never quite the same from buy to buy. The inchies are fabulous. Love the papers you have used and the Christmas stocking stamp is an inspired idea.

  6. OH can I relate to this ordeal! I have a basket on the dryer where the lonely socks go with the hopes of finding a mate and my girls are forever pulling socks out of there and creating ‘new’ pairs…

    I love your mismatched inchies and you have inspired me to make a scrapbook page about odd socks!

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