Killer Instinct

Today I shall be embarking on a grand tour of my region. I shall first be heading north west to Leeds, then east to Hull, crossing the Humber Bridge to go further east to Grimsby before finally heading to the coast at Cleethorpes. This is not for pleasure, but for work and, fortunately for me I am being driven by my kind husband who will playing Hoke Colburn to my Miss Daisy! I am very grateful as the prospect of making this tour by train (I hate driving) makes me tired just thinking about it! Hopefully there will be time and opportunity to take advantage of seaside fish and chips, and maybe even candyfloss, before we wend our weary way home.

Last week, you may remember me mentioning that I had an idea for Every Inchie Monday that required me to make nine inchies. I failed! The theme this week is “killer” and my original plan had been to tell the story of the old woman who swallowed a fly. You’ll see from my first set that I started, but on this occasion didn’t finish the set.


Instead we have a little food chain that I’ve hand doodled and coloured. I would like to develop my doodling but haven’t as yet had chance to practise much. I’m very happy with this little set but came unstuck when I got to the cat  ( catch the bird, …to catch the spider etc.). I decided to leave the fly in the equation as, ultimately, it was he who started the whole catastrophic chain of events that ended with the poor old woman swallowing a horse. At this point, if you don’t know the rhyme you will think me completely bonkers.

I’m particularly pleased with my doodled bird!


I did manage a further two inchies and this time relied on stamping.


These stamps are from Creative Expressions and I stamped and coloured them before shrinking to size. I will confess I have a deep mistrust of bears and foxes. Fortunately, we don’t get a lot of roaming bears in the UK but we do have a lot of foxes, including urban ones. We have one that lurks somewhere in our neighbourhood and it doesn’t seem very put out by humans.

I think these two maybe too cute and so lack the killer instinct.

My fellow players at Every Inchie Monday have, as always, some inspired thinking on this theme and some wonderfully executed work (no pun intended!) for this killer theme so do be sure to buzz over and take a look.


Thanks for buzzing by.



Killer Instinct — 14 Comments

  1. Have a super trip even if it’s not for pleasure. Escaping from the daily routine of home is always good. Love your projects especially the fox. Your doodling is super. I must get that adorable stamp. My father nicknamed me Fox when I was 2 and it has stuck ever since. The theme for my creative space is Foxes…so this would be great. Travel safely.

    • Thank you Sandra and you’re right, even though it rained almost continually, it wasn’t work and I had my nearest and dearest with me 🙂 Fox is such a cool nickname – love it.

  2. I love the idea behind the woman who ate the fly theme. Would have been cute but I do love what you did do, the lil fox is adorable, not too killer but still adorable anyways. I also hope you got to enjoy your trip.

    • Never trust a fox – even a cute one!!!! But you’re right, he is cute. However, I just LOVED your Cluedo – so clever.

  3. Ok Lisette, now you have subjected my brain to singing that lil’ rhyme!!! I love that one!! And yes, I can’t imagine swallowing a horse, but that would exactly describe this weeks word!! Very clever!! I couldn’t wait to see what you had in store for us. Don’t worry that it wasn’t what you had planned, I really like what you came up with! And love your drawings, especially that little doodled bird!! Have a safe and pleasant trip! :0) Share Humanity

    • Thank you Annette – and sorry to give you ear worms! That rhyme has stuck with me and brought back memories of my Dad singing it too. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of your inchie ‘story boards’ and the Old Women Who Swallowed a Fly is such a wonderful tale to narrate in this way, I hope you find the time to do the rest of the creatures.

    Your doodling is fabulous, with a little practice I can see you marketing your own line in digi stamps – way to go!

    Dionne x

    PS As I rule I quite like foxes but this one is a little evil looking!

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