Halloween treat package

I’m sneaking in here with an additional post and what is sadly likely to be my final Halloween project for this year 🙁 As usual I haven’t done half the things I wanted to do, have added substantially to my Halloween hoard of stash and just hope that I can remember all my ideas for next year. This is quite a small and simple project but a fun one to do and could be easily adapted for any occasion:



I’ve made this little treat package for a friend at work who shares my love of all things Reese’s peanut butter flavour. She also shares my love of cocktail-ology but that’s a story for another day! Yesterday we had to go to a meeting together and she very kindly offered to drive so I was doubly pleased that I had this up my sleeve so to speak. I’m including some instructions in case you want to have a go.

You’ll need two pieces of cardstock – one for the outer package and one for the treat itself. All my measurements are based on the size of the treat with a little wiggle room built in. The first piece should be cut and scored as per the photograph below (click on each picture if you would like to enlarge it).

Tut 1

Now make the two little cuts as indicated by the red lines.

Tut 2

Now assemble the holder, it will look a bit like the sleeve part of a matchbox but with it’s back missing. Glue Flap B over A.

Tut 3

And then flap C over B.

Tut 4

Repeat on the other side.

Tut 5

Next, take your second piece of card and score as indicated in the photograph below.

Tut 7

You are now ready to assemble the whole thing by gluing the two small flaps at the back of the holder on to the cover.


Tut 7Tut 8

It’s easier to decorate the outside of the holder before it is assembled. I simply cut four pieces of cardstock (the design is a digital paper from the Gecko Galz Hocus Pocus paper pack) to go on the inside and out. Before you glue the ones that will be on the front, remember to adhere a strip of ribbon or twine across the middle. I used double sided tape to do this and made sure I had a good length of ribbon to make it easy to tie and secure the box. In addition to the four panels I also added two strips of card to the back and front of the spine. Once all pieces are secured then you can add your decorations. I added a little ghostie, Stampotique’s Cooper, and the word Boo. Remember that one of the panels will have the container part of the package.

Now you can add the treat box – I added more card to the front and sides plus a strip across the base before adhering to the inside of the cover. Once assembled I added the Halloween greeting.



I’m sharing this over at City Crafter Challenge Blog where the theme for this week is stripes.

Jayne, my friend and colleague, was thrilled with her little gift and liked the packaging almost as much as the treat inside. Coincidently, she is the same age as my eldest son who, when he saw what I done, said ” all that just for a chocolate bar!” Oh well, you can’t win ’em all!

I hope you have lots of treats and no tricks tonight, stay safe and thanks for buzzing by.


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    • She did Diane and didn’t know there was such a creation as a Reese’s pumpkin. As luck would have it we now have the Christmas Trees over here too 🙂

  1. Fandabidozi Mrs Beez. I have never come across Reese’s peanut butter products before and can’t image what pumpkin flavour is like. Great little project and I must remember to try it some time – perhaps I could adjust it for a Tunnocks Tea Cake.

    Like you, I had loads of Halloween things I never got around to making, better luck next year.

    Dionne xxx

    • Thank you. The Reese’s thing is just shaped like a pumpkin and has the regular filling. There is a Christmas Tree version out now (Tesco – of course!!!). Are you a Tunnock’s tea cake fan? I love ’em! xx

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