Growing purple

I’m buzzing by with another tag in the same series that I shared earlier in the week. As with the other two I will be linking this up over at Sunday Stampers for the purple challenge.


As you can see, this is majoring on the purple! I’ve used a mixture of blue, pink and purple distress inks and a variety of stamps to create the background. After the tag was inked, and before I stamped, I spritzed my Alphabet Soup stamp with water and pressed it on to the tag. Once removed I left the water for about 10 seconds and then blotted with kitchen roll and dried with a heat gun. The ink reacts with water so leaves a ghostly impression of the stamp. You can just about make it out in the corner of the photo’ above.

P1080992 P1080991

The flower was stamped and heat embossed. The word was stencilled and I added a scribbled border.

It seems appropriate to be sharing this on Roald Dahl Day – it reminds me of Violet Beauregarde blowing up purple after eating the special chewing gum!

Hope you have a happy Saturday and thanks for buzzing by.


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      • You know I saw the bee one with you and I had to get it, so the medium with the tiny at the side on the way, but you are so right, it needs to arrive beginning next week and I already think about it, I might’ve made a mistake not ordering the large one right away. Oh my, I am sick 😉

        • Ha ha – that’s too funny! It’s difficult to get hold of the full range of Stampotique over here although one place will order specifics for you when they place their major order in the spring. I hanker after that carousel so much!!! I also didn’t get the big bee right away and ordered it more or less as soon as the other one came!!

          • I know for me it’s more expensive to order from US because of our VAT system, than to get them from a supplier in the Netherlands, they also order twice or three times a year and bring special orders what I ask. If I check your prices in the UK, they are more expensive than ours here, of course I have no idea how much shipping cost to there. I used to order from Sizzix UK, but they keep there shipping price fixed and so it is okey.

          • Some US companies do sensible shipping (Catslife are great) whilst others not so much. It’s all about balancing out the shipping cost with the extra cost in the UK and just how much you WANT it!!!! 🙂

  1. This is great! You are definitely getting your mileage out of that alpha background stamp; I’d love to see what whole image looks like. Stamping into distress ink with a wet stamp is an interesting idea; another entry for my LCS toTList! Have you seen that Tim H. has come out with distress stain spray inks now? I just saw it on his blog–more stuff to spend money on!
    Aren’t you going to Italy this week? If so, have a lovely time and get in lots of rest, relaxation, and Italian food, not necessarily in that order 🙂 Ciao, and safe travels. xox

    • Thank you Roberta – on my return I will do something with the whole stamp. It comes with a border stamp too. I did see about distress sprays – this is going to be expensive. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on distress paints but don’t have any yet and then all my Dylusions sprays need to be replaced (plus I don’t have the second release colours) and now TH distress stains!!!!! Off to the airport today so look forward to catching up on my return 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s my favourite daisy stamp and in my very favourite colour. There is so much going on here when you look closely – I love that honeycomb stamp, and your blending is amazing.

    Dionne xx

  3. Seems like when you buy one ink or one stamp or one of any thing then you’re wanting rest of them. I used to buy so many stamps and inks in KY. Had good stores all over.
    All that is sitting out inmy storage as I rarely ever use any of it. Wish we were closer, I’d sell you for pittance any of my stuff you’d like. Why have it sitting drying out in our climate and not using. Too bad is so expensive to ship things. Thought about putting lot of it in yard sale but advertise the sale craft supplies. Might get right kind of shopper then. No sense having people come for just a yard sale kind of thing. Would actually be glad to make some extra money and get rid of stuff. It’s been sitting out there now for about a year and haven’t used so don’t think I will be.
    Love your adorable tag with your cute sun flower. Yo just keep cranking out one wonder after another.
    Sorry I haven’t been on much, was sick all last week and still putting up with side effects of allergic reaction to excessive penicillin. Sure did a number on me. Wish it would finally get out of my system so I can get back to my life. Hate being sick and having it drag out.
    Happy week

    • Oh I am so sorry to hear you have been sick – I can only imagine how a reaction like that can hit you. My youngest son had that happen to him when he was little and it was not good. Hoping you’re feeling a bit better and nice to see you back. HUGS!

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