Dragonflies – RRR #71

Craft packages ordered =1, craft packages receieved =0

Well I had a lovely day in London yesterday – although I have to say that for the second time this year I found London to be colder than Sheffield. I took a huge gamble and went without an umbrella AND wore high heels. Thankfully, we didn’g get caught in the rain and my feet held up to the challenge I set, including walking on cobbled streets and negotiating a spiral staircase without a handrail!

There was champagne and dainty sandwiches and champagne and delicate savory morsels and champagne and tiny pastries and champagne and cupcakes and… well I think you probably get the picture. My friend had managed to buy lots of vintage cake stands, plates, teacups and saucers it was beautiful. As was her house, which I hadn’t seen before. I returned home in the evening tired but happy still clutching my bunny ears! Just 4 weeks to the wedding – I haven’t even thought about an outfit!

Today I am sharing a couple of little dragonflies that I thought might make nice present toppers:


I shall be sharing these over at Really Reasonable Ribbon for the ribbon sparkle & bling challenge. The base of these pretty babies is a pipecleaner. I double it over, pulled it into an oval at the looped end and twisted at the other to make the tail.



Next, I wrapped silky ribbon around the “skeleton” going from top to bottom and then back up again, using a blob of glue to secure. I made a pair of anntennae from some silver wire. The pink dragonfly has beads on the end and the blue one has sparkly aqua gems.



The wings were made from some champagne netting. I cut two strips. wrapped wire around the centre of each piece and then combined them to make a double pair of wings. You can’t see it in the photo’s but there is a sprinkle of crystal glitter on the wings which looks very pretty.


To finish them I added a large gem and a little blossom, plus a chit-chat sticker.




There was a bumper package of ribbons, from Really Reasonable Ribbon, but I have banned myself from undoing them until I sort out the mess that is my ribbon bag. You really wouldn’t believe what a dreadful state they are in. Bonnie would probably never send me any ever again if she saw it. A kindly ribbon fairy has offered to take them away and sort them out for me but as much as this appeals to me, I would feel very bad if I let her do it. I will go and hang my shame curtains immediately!




Dragonflies – RRR #71 — 4 Comments

  1. Your dragon flies are very pretty. You make it look so easy to do. I’ll have to try it tho as I love dragon flies. Think I might even have the goods to make a couple.
    I certainly have enuf pipe cleaners. Keep buying them for projects then don’t do the projects, forget what they were, oh dear. So glad you shared.
    Brave you wearing high heels to walk in. I don’t even own any any more, if I did I’d kill myself trying to walk in them. Happy days

    • They were so easy and, even if I do say so myself, they look much nicer in real life. Let me know if you do give it a go!x

  2. I don’t know how, but I almost missed these adorable dragonflies. They are brilliant, who is a clever girl?

    Like Jane, I am going to have to have a go at making these, but unlike her, I do not have any pipe cleaners in my stash … back to The Range!

    Dionne xxx

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