Written in stone

We have a new challenge over at Anything But A Card and our theme for this month is “friendship.” I’ve made a little friendship stone:


I thought this would be a lovely gift to give to a friend, a permanent reminder of how much you appreciate the special bond that you have. Actually, this isn’t in fact a stone. The snowy weather meant I was unable to retrieve a real “live” stone from outside so instead, I moulded one from some air dry clay.


Once dried, I applied a coat of warm yellow paint and then decorated using a paper napkin. This is the same technique that I have used many times for stamping except then you just use white tissue. This has the advantage of being able to use spare or leftover napkins (if your anything like me you’ll have a whole stack of these – I even have some going back to the millennium!) and make the most of some of the gorgeous designs that are really too good for people to wipe their fingers and faces on.


I just separated the top layer from the white layer underneath (these napkins were 2 ply) and then used Modpodge gloss to apply it to the “stone.” I did the top first then the reverse side, adding tiny bit of pattern to cover any gaps. Once the whole stone was covered I added another coat of Modpodge and left to dry.


The bees were stamped onto white tissue (I used the left over layer from my napkin) using black Archival ink and applied in the same way. Once the glue was dry I added a little colour with Promarkers and pearlised paint, a touch of glitter on the wings, popped on the sentiment and then gave a final coat of Modpodge.


There are lots of possibilities for this idea. I was thinking I might try a Valentine’s version, a wedding one would be nice, obviously a Christmas one and then there’s Halloween too! Just have to wait for the snow to fully thaw and then go and find some pebbles.

So my friends, this is for you – I really appreciate having you in my life 🙂

Thanks for buzzing by and don’t forget to share your friendship projects with us all at Anything But A Card Challenges.


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  1. Lisette, it is a fabulous idea, you know last year the kids in my son’s school were painting pebbles and selling them in benefit of their school trip, even though there it was more like Indian style, but I loved the idea of applying tissue paper, I wonder if it would work on real pebble, I mean the clay has a different surface, I will need to try it 😉

  2. Oh, this is fabulous, so pretty and what a great idea. This is something for my must have a go list. Note to self, next time you are on a pebbly beach look for suitable stones.

    I have paper napkins from the Queens Golden Jubilee in 2002.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you – yes, I’m kicking myself for not picking up a few pebbles in Cromer. I did once have a batch from Cornwall that I brought back to use at school, I’m hoping they’re outside somewhere but too snowy to look!!!xxx

  3. This is so pretty! I have a stash of napkins I bought for art-making, and I think it’s about time I dug some of them out and got to work. As always, thanks for the inspiration!!!

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