Toilet roll mini-album

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =3 (yay!)

Today’s I’m sharing a little toilet roll mini-album that I made for a swap and there are LOTS of photo’s:


 The person I made it for had purple as their favourite colour and fairies, glitter and teddy bears on their list of likes so the pages are decorated with this in mind. I have also added a bee to each page because that’s me!

There are tutorials and examples of toilet roll albums all over the internet so I won’t go into how I made this one, but I will share some of the key things I found out/learned:

  • Paint just the top of the inside of each roll. You only need to do one end as the rest won’t be seen;
  • If you have a die cutting/embossing machine, put each roll through the machine (without  an embossing folder or die) to make them super flat so they are easier to decorate;
  • I found it easier to hole punch each roll before decorating and then again afterwards. That way each “page” is not too thick;
  • Remember where you put your stash of book rings as it is annoying when you can’t find them; and
  • If you are making for a swap, and you have been given at least three months notice, start early or you will get very cross and grumpy!

I used six toilet rolls in total and made a double sided tag to go in each pocket of the album:



I’m going to share this over at Sunday Stampers where the theme is “paper.” I printed out the majority of my papers from a CD that I have had for a considerable amount of time. I covered each roll/page before going to town with embellishments.

You will see I have done well on craft packages ordered today. One of them is a melt pot – can’t wait to get playing 🙂



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