The final goodbye

If I tell you that today’s post is again about the departure of my work colleague you’ll be thinking “hasn’t she gone yet?” Well, yesterday really was the final goodbye – as in the work sense as we shall be keeping in touch. Yesterday we met for the final time for a formal handover and to say goodbye away from the chaos of the office where the “official” leaving do was last week. You can see the card I made for that occasion here. Having previously made and blogged what I intended to be her leaving card I had a change of heart and made her this instead:


I am keeping the butterfly one I made earlier for her birthday. I found this vintage image, an old cover from Good House Keeping magazine, on Etsy and decided it would make a great card for Sue.


When we were out delivering training(ooh past tense now:( !!!!) I took responsibility for all the equipment and very possessive and protective I was about it too. People didn’t dare touch the boxes as they knew they would incur my wrath! That’s the nature of the job you see, if things are not in order it can all easily fall apart. Some things I would only allow out if you had a passport, a letter from the Queen and vial of blood!! Rolling pins was one of them – strictly for high days and holidays – ย and don’t even get me started on lemon squeezers or wooden spoons! (Can you see why perhaps I need a new job?!) So this card was made with that in mind.


I’ve used red card and kraft paper to create mats and layers and then added lace, ribbon and tiny roses. It was hard to find the words to put inside and yesterday when we finally parted I decided it was best just to go! The tears came later in the evening when I opened the card and gift she had given me. Take a look:


How perfect is that?


Thanks for buzzing by.



The final goodbye — 12 Comments

  1. What a lovely card and I totally get the need to keep equipment organised and at hand. I am not surprised the tears came when you saw the bracelet, it could not have been bettered.

  2. Beautiful card you made her she is sure to treasure it. The bracelet is lovely and yes the perfect gift for you! Take care, this too shall pass. ~Diane

  3. Your card is such a treat, the red and white design is stunning and the image is just perfect, especially with the caption. I bet Sue loved it.

    What a fabulous bracelet, so very you. You and Sue are obviously very close. I know what it is like when a close colleagues leaves, it is so hard to say goodbye, but I am sure Sue will treasure your card and looking at it will bring back a lot f happy memories.

    Dionne xx

  4. That was a very thoughtful act and your gift is so appropriate and beautiful.You are a lucky lady and deserve all the blessings in the world. Enjoy the bracelet.

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