Sail Away 2

I’m sorry if the title of this post gives you ear worms in any way. I have been alternating my choice of tunes firstly by singing the Enya song and then Rod Stewart’s “We are Sailing.”


This little canvas was made using an image from the Crafter’s Companion Halcyon Days CD. This CD is jam packed with fabulous images from original embroidery pieces by Abigail Mill. The yacht image was left over after I had made a card. First I created the background using a mixture of paints, ink and stamping.

P1080705 P1080704

Then it was just a case of applying the image and adding a little shading and the words.


Wonder where this boat is heading?

On a different note, look what arrived in the post for me today:


It’s Mrs Beez in lLgo form! Look at that cute little honey pot. I couldn’t resist and made a dramatic last 10 seconds bid on Ebay to secure her. This is going to be my little mascot to help me through my gruelling work schedule. I might just add a tiny bit of glitter to her wings.

Thanks for buzzing by.


Sail Away 2 — 14 Comments

  1. Lovely canvas, I love the dimensionality of it too. Love your little lego gal and I agree, she definitely needs some glitter on those wings, ha ha! ~Diane

  2. I have learnt something new today, I have never heard of earworms before! Which Enya song – Orinoco Flow?

    Really sweet canvas, I love the little boat and the fiery sunset it is sailing into. Although, in truth, it cannot hold a light to Lego Mrs Beez and her helmet hair, Lol!

    Dionne xxx

    PS Get the glitter out.

    • Am going to glitter her this morning! I’m glad you remember the name of the Enya Song – it took me awhile to first remember Clannad then recall Enya – the name of the song was one step too far without Google!!! xx

  3. So many interesting patterns around your sail boat, love the water and those swirls in the air, by the way Enya is also when of my musics for working 😉 Wow great mascot, my house is full of all kinds of lego collections, my son is a big fan, heeheehee 🙂

    • Thank you. Never thought I would be coveting Lego having lived with it and trodden on it (is there anything more painful?) for so many decades but this was irresistible!

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