Playing with paints

So after last week’s crafting opportunity drought, my plans for a weekend of craftiness have gone slightly adrift. This is largely due to feeling shattered. Yesterday went something like this – 7.45am everyone off to work, 11.30pm – youngest son returns from work, 5.00am eldest son returns from night out and cleans teeth with electric toothbrush, 6.30am- youngest son up early to make breakfast muffin for girlfriend’s birthday breakfast, 7am youngest son requests help to pay accommodation deposit with yours truly’s credit card (Hungarian hostels will only accept deposit by credit card apparently), 7.15am Mr Beez sets off smoke alarm before driving youngest son to work. Bleugh!!!

Anyway, I did at least get one project completed and ready to share, albeit a little later than I would have liked:


I am sharing this over at City Crafter Challenge Blog where this week’s challenge, “paint it,” is to use paint in your project. I’ve used a mixture of water colour paints and pencils, plus a hint of Promarkers for this card. The background was created by putting blobs of water colour, mixed quite thick, onto a Spodge mat, spritzing them with water and then bobbing the card in the mix. I dried the card in between each colour and sometimes left the old colour on the mat so it blended with the new.


I stamped the (Hero Arts) flowers and then paper pieced the leaves and flower heads after colouring them with watercolour pencils blended with water, and Promarkers.




I’ve edged the card with black distress stain and then layered it on to a piece of white card that has been stamped with the sentiment. I love this stamp as it lends itself to almost any occasion. There’s a final mat of black card just to set the whole thing off.


Now although I haven’t done the amount of crafting I would like, and neither have I done the ironing as it happens, I have, after more than a year of having it in my possession,Β undone my Melt Pot!


So that’s the plan for tomorrow. However, eldest son has informed me he will be going out again tonight, so who knows!




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    • Fab – have you any Melt Pot projects on your blog? I’m thinking of easing myself in with beeswax, I’ll let you know!

      • I use my Melting pot every time I work with beeswax, I made also some embellishments, UTEE in mod podge molds, or beeswax in mod podge molds, I love melting the beeswax dip the project into the melted wax and quickly push texture treads on it. It’s like stamping into the hot wax, you can do it also with transparent UTEE and after it’s cool you can color the lines with oil pastels, all over the surface, it stay in the lines only, from the surface you can clean it of with wet tissue. πŸ˜‰ Just an idea…

        • Thanks for the tips – I have UTEE also and I have just ordered some Mod Podge moulds – I came across them by chance and they look fabulous. Mod Podge is only just beginning to catch on here (we’re so slow sometimes!) and become readily available so I’m hoping I shall be one of the first to the moulds. Have beeswax ready to go today – just love the smell πŸ™‚

  1. Love it, but the day will come that you will miss getting awakened for all sorts of life’s events, enjoy the interruptions you will look back and treasure them someday I promise.. Your card is stunning, I love the gorgeous background and the flowers are so beautifully colored too. Perfect placement of your bee, I do like how you set the scene. Good for you making time for the melt pot, I am sure Hels Sheridan gave you plenty of tips on how to use it too. ~Diane

    • I know you’re right Diane and I often tell myself that. Thanks for your lovely comments and hope to have some Melt Pot marvels to show you soon πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely job, Lisette! I’ve heard of this background technique, but have yet to try it. It certainly does yield lovely results. You are also a good color-er. Coloring has never been my strong suit; I prefer to get my color from inks and papers. I admire people who have the patience to color images.
    I’m really interested to see what your venture with the melt pot creates. I was so inspired by those hatpins from Hels’s workshop that I ordered a package of them. Haven’t used them yet.
    As a mom of 3 boys, I can relate to your situation. However, mine are 30, 36, and 38, and I do miss having them around me. My husband and I are dying for some grandbabies, but at this rate if I ever do get any, I’ll be too old and shaky to hold them πŸ™
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Thanks Roberta. I’m not sure colouring is my strong suit either – if I do a full image it takes ages!!! I’m like you, preferring inks. Love to hear what you do with the hatpins. There’s nothing like sons is there?! Mine are 22 and 25 and still both at home and I know I’ll miss them when they’re gone!! πŸ™‚

  3. Fabulous card, as soon as I saw it I was struck by the notion that it looks more like a painting then a card – and that was before I read how you made it. I love the concept and the lovely bright colours, your background is stunning.

    Dionne xx

    PS I hope you get to use your melt pot.

    • Thank you Dionne. I wish I’d made a big piece of background as I bet I can’t recreate it. Hoping there will be time for Melt Pot today πŸ™‚

  4. Everything you do is stunning. You are a natural artist. I can only copy if that. I am so enamored of all you do, breath taking. I’ll be looking to buy some of the inks (distress) you talk about using so much. I have a few but no where near as many as you do. I have a small set of promarkers but do you think it’s worth investing in Copic markers? I’ve never tried using water colors, chicken here.
    Happy week

    • Thank you. I am not an expert on markers. People seem to have their favourites and many swear by Copics. I started with Promarkers so tend to stick with those as they work for me. πŸ™‚

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