Not a tag, but just as rice

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Well rain stopped play when it came to the walk that was planned for today. I did suggest that maybe we could just have the cake, that I was offered if I went for a walk,  but Mr Beez gave me one of those looks that he gives my button fairies! Maybe, like jam, there will be cake tomorrow.

On the upside, I have been crafting and found something that may become a bit of an obsession. I’d planned to do another something with paper to share over at Sunday Stampers, as paper is this weeks theme. My plan involved paper blocking, for which Hels gives a fab tutorial on her blog, but it would seem I’m a bit rubbish at this. I can do the paper bit, but then mess it all up with the painting and then cry because I’ve wasted precious papers. So another plan was required and this was the result:P1030991

I’m not sure what you call these. They are neither tag (no punched hole) nor ATC (outside the legal measurement limit). They will work very well as a topper methinks. But the best bit is my discovery of just how fabulous Japanese rice paper is.This is not the stuff you use in cooking, although it tastes pretty similar (yes, in the absence of cake, I tried it!). I guess like Rice Krispies it must be made from rice.  I have had this in my stash, untouched, for almost a year. Now I’ve used it, I think it will feature quite often. It’s a bit like tissue paper but not quite. If you wet it you can scrunch it up beautifully and when dry it is quite robust.

P1030998The first topper started life as white cardstock and I shaded it all overwith seedless preserves. The picture doesn’t pick up the fact that the shading is graduated – paler at the top, darker at the bottom. I spritzed the colour with water and dried before using black Archival ink to stamp the water droplets. This is the most amazing stamp – another by Ryn.


I used some flower stamps, by Sheena Douglass, and stamped them on to rice paper. I stamped some in black Archival, shaded them with Seedless Preserves, cut them out, spritzed with water, crunched them up and left them to dry. The others I stamped in Seedless Preserves, cut them out then drew out the colour with a water brush before scrunching and drying.



I’ve added some white highlights with a gel pen.


The bee is also stamped onto rice paper and coloured with Mustard Seed distress ink.


The second tag/topper thing was created using Dylusions. I spritzed the card with green, lime, turquoise and purple then used a different Sheena stamp all over. I stamped the flowers onto the rice paper, spritzed with bright yellow Dylusions and then painted on pink. Depending on where the yellow has landed you get different shades ranging from pink to orange. Love this!


I added Ideaology chit-chat stickers to finish.


Can’t wait to try this using lots of different colour combinations. Watch this space!



Not a tag, but just as rice — 3 Comments

  1. This is all so fascinating. I love your ACT/Toppers – I am transfixed by the water droplet stamp, isn’t it amazing and you wonderful rice paper creations are just delightful, I think my favorite is the bee. The colours are wonderful and they look so tactile, I just want to run my hands over them.

    Dionne xx

  2. I call them little works of art, there’s a name for ya… love the flowers, you know, I am mahoosive fan of the flower. Now, the paper blocking, the painty bit, get the paint as washy as possible, if it is too heavy on application, dab excess with a babywipe… hope that helps! Sorry I am SO late visiting… I have been on my death bed (ahem) xx

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