Monday – bleugh!!! In fact double bleugh!! This is a mixed week for me. Up until about 4pm on Wednesday I’d rather hide under the duvet and pretend it’s not happening. However, after that I’ve got some great things to look forward to so I have to keep focussed on those to see me through the first three days.

It is always nice to start the week with Every Inchie Monday. The rest of the players are such a talented bunch I can never wait to see how they have interpreted the word of the week. This week, it is engrave:


These are stampbord inchies. I’ve coloured them with alcohol inks and then stamped in black. Once everything was dry it was just a question of scratching in to the design, this creates texture and highlights.


I picked up a bumper bag of stampbord pieces at the Harrogate craft show last year, but don’t have any of the proper tools so just used a pokey tool which works just fine.


Wishing you all a fabulous week and thanks for buzzing by.



Engrave — 18 Comments

  1. It would have never occurred to me to scratch a design into the board, they look amazing. I had initially assumed that you had been using your white highlighter pen but now I have looked closely I can see the difference.

    I love your vivid backgrounds and your sweet designs.

    Dionne xx

    • Funny you should say that about the white pen as after I had finished I thought these look just like some of the other projects I have done recently!!! xxx

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