12 bees of Christmas – Day 5

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Between now and January 6th I am sharing some little bee related projects – the 12 Days of Christmas with a Mrs Beez twist. I hope you enjoy them.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…



Five gold bees,

Four holly bees,

Three King bees,

Two snowman bees

and a santa bee with a beehive.

Thanks for buzzing by.


12 bees of Christmas – Day 5 — 7 Comments

  1. Gorgeous! Could you post a simple tutorial for the novices, please? Did you stamp the bees twice and then glue one on top of the other? What type of paper and gold paint did you use? Thank you!

    • Thank you Nancy. Sorry for the lack of details, I normally do put details but scheduled these posts in a bit of a hurry!! So glad you asked though as always happy to provide more info. I first stamped the bees in gold and then applied gold embossing powder and heat embossed. Next I stamped the honeycomb – also in gold and heat embossed as before. The honeycomb stamp is unmounted so is very flexible and therefore easy to stamp small sections. Then, as you have guessed correctly, I stamped and embossed a second set of bees and cut them out – I don’t bother cutting out the legs and antennae. Once cut out I glue them to the original stamped bee, leaving the wings without glue means you can stand the wings up a little. You will see me use this technique a lot both with bees and butterflies. I hope that helps but please don’t hesitate to buzz back if you would like more information about this or any of my other projects. Happy New Year to you and yours. 🙂

  2. So gorgeous Mrs. Beez, love the lifted wings on your beez. Did you use gold embossing powder on the beez and background? Loved this one also, loved them all.
    Happy New Year. Do you and your hubs go out to have dinner or anything for the new year?

    • Hi there – yes I used gold embossing powder for this and I will confess it took me two attempts to get it right, I messed up first time 🙂 We have a very quiet New Year this year, which is generally the way, and will be at home just the two of us. We usually manage to see in the New Year although I’ll confess we usually fall asleep beforehand, waking up just before midnight. We quite often go out for lunch on New Years Day and, if we can be bothered we will go for a walk. Youngest son is working on New Year’s Day which means we won’t have him stumbling home in the early hours BUT he will be leaving the house at that time instead!!! Do you have plans? I think that, due to the time difference, we will just be waking up as you are celebrating the arrival of 2014 so I will raise a cup of tea and wish you well. Hope what ever you do, you have fun and see you in 2014!

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