Twelfth Night – Twelfth House

So the day I dread has finally dawned and I have to say “goodbye” to Christmas. The tree and decorations that have given so much pleasure will all be packed away safely and the house will look very bare and boring. No twinkly outdoor lights to welcome us home on the dark winter nights (actually no lights at all as right now the street lamps don’t appear to be working!). However, there is still some Christmas cake left and I still have a few of my treasured Christmas teabags, from Betty’s, so I can still have a little festivity before the dreaded return to work.

I am also saying goodbye to my Twelve Houses of Christmas with the final one in the series to share with you today:


Take a look back at how the street developed!




I have – just – managed to squeeze the entire village into one picture too:


This was not easy!

Before I started this set I had thought about linking them to the Twelve Days of Christmas but decided that this might end up proving tricky. Yesterday, as I was clearing up, I happened across Graphic 45s paper pad in my stash – I had squirreled it away, not wanting to use it in case I needed it! So now I can start planning next year’s set which will help me get over today!

Thanks for buzzing by.


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    • The return to work is 12th January 🙁 Christmas – I usually have a summer celebration and then begin in earnest in September 🙂

  1. Of course, the Three Kings appear today, that makes sense.

    I love the whole street of little houses. I think that, if I were you, I would pop down to The Range and a try to get a long thin frame and make a picture you can get out year after year.

    Dionne xx

  2. I love this house and the 3 Wise Men stamp–do you remember who makes it? I’m sad to see the end of your houses, but things do need to move on.
    At our house we keep our tree up beyond 12th night. We cut our trees, so they last for quite a while. I like having the tree lit during these dark days; in Minnesota, which is much farther north, people keep their outdoor Christmas lights on all winter. Once I take down our decorations, I’m putting up Valentine’s Day things so we’ll have some nice bright red items scattered about the house. I like to use red and white after Christmas through February, hearts, snowflakes, and snowmen, to brighten things up.
    Thanks for making my Christmas cheerier with all your lovely projects! xox

    • Thank you. I do remember and it’s funny you should ask as I nearly wrote a little bit about it as part of this post. It’s from The English Stamp Company and it was a very early purchase – at least 10 years ago. However, I recently bought some stamps from them and noticed that all the original stamps I bought from them are still available. They also do custom made stamps and I am thinking of having one made – IF I can do the artwork well enough! Check them out here If you decide you want to buy and it’s too complicated with shipping etc let me know and I’ll do it on your behalf!
      Love it that you keep your tree up for longer and your Valentine decorations sound divine. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for providing the link for that stamp; I just got back from visiting the site, and I have found some stamps I’d like to order, but I’m going to hold back for a few days. I tend to be a major impulse buyer, and I could go wild on this site, so I’m going to wait a bit and make sure that I absolutely MUST have each of them. I’m thinking about getting 2 of the stamps (Wise Men and Angel #3) in the 4″ size; I think they would be striking that large. Thank you for your very kind offer to help me–you are very sweet and thoughtful. xox
    I need to start taking my decorations down in the next day or so, but not the tree. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. 🙂

    • My pleasure. You are good though, I am a terrible impulse buyer. At the time of purchase I know exactly what I’m going to do and then life happens and I sometimes even forget I bought things! That’s why I’ve jumped right on in and used Agatha Moon – I think if you use stuff straight away you will use it more in the future! Keep enjoying your tree 🙂

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