Spring Cleaning

Do you spring clean? I wonder if it’s a thing of the past now we have so many gadgets and potions to help us, although I am sure there will be some who will? I’m not big on cleaning full stop so I am certainly not making an exception when it comes to spring! Today’s project, therefore, could be a little corner anywhere in my house. Take a look:


This is my entry for this week’s challenge over at the Stampotique Designer’s Challenge where Valerie is asking us to make “what is old, new again” – so to repurpose and upcycle. I have used a handy little box that I saved from a purchase I made to cheer me up when I had post-Christmas blues.


I wish I had bought a few more of these as, firstly, they were delicious and secondly the box is perfect for crafting. I also used a scrappy piece of card, that was leftover from other projects, for my stamping.


First off I undid the box and covered what would be the inside with some dotty paper. I thought this would contrast nicely with Mr Stripes. Once the box was reassembled, I gave it a couple of coats of gesso and then a topcoat of acrylic paint. Finally, I applied scraps of gauze that were coloured with Antique Linen distress ink.



Mr Stripes was stamped and coloured with Polychromos. I didn’t want this to turn into an out-of-season Halloween project so used some bright spring colours. I attached a piece of nylon thread to suspend him from and a coordinating feather duster!! I felt the whole thing needed a further lift of colour so added the little spring blossoms.


Spookily, whilst I was making this, the tiniest of spiders, dangling from its thread, made its way down from a nearby light fitting (I told you I don’t believe in cleaning!!!) to take a peek at what I was making.

Don’t forget we have a Spring themed challenge over at Crafty Boots and there is still plenty of time for you to join us.

Wishing you a happy Sunday and thanks for buzzing by.


Spring Cleaning — 22 Comments

  1. This is fabulous! I love Mr. Stripes with his feather dusters cleaning up all the errant cobwebs and dust. I do wish I could train my resident spiders to do likewise!

    Thanks for playing along with us at Stampotique Designers Challenges.

    • Thanks Kathi. It would be great if spiders cleared up their mess wouldn’t it. The spiders we have seem to make webs the size of candyfloss!!

  2. This is brilliant Mrs Beez, I love Mr Stripes and his dusters. I too have spiders, so I give them names and call them pets lol. Thanks for playing along with us at Stampotique, and have a fun week xx

  3. See, I really would not go on and on about the spiders in my house if they came fitted with their own feather dusters. Your spiders may look a little mean but clearly they are doing a fantastic job cleaning the place up. Please could you send them to my house when you have finished with them.

    Great project Lisette, I love Mr Stripes’ dayglow colours and matching dusters and your clever take on spiders webs.

    Dionne xx

    • Seems there is a general consensus of opinion that we wouldn’t complain about spiders if they did a bit of housework 🙂 I knew my purchase of those feathers would come in handy one day! xx

  4. This is great–I love the Mr. Stripes stamp and have had him in my collection for a long time! Love those feather dusters, too!

    • Thank you Roberta – I was upset not to have used him at Halloween so happy to get him in the spotlight now. I was so glad the feathers came into their own!

  5. Please send me some spiders that clean. I can use the help but then again I hate spiders even those tiny critters my grandmother use to call “dust spiders.” Never could figure out why though. I love your project and that you re-purposed a holiday box. I love finding a new purpose for things that would normally go into the trash. Showing my age here but I still do spring clean though not anywhere near the level that I did a few years ago. Health issues prevent that but there is something about how wonderful the house smells after you clean and purge.

    • Oh Sandra I wish I could send spiders – especially neon coloured ones with matching dusters 🙂 I must admit that although I hate cleaning, I do like the look for as long as it lasts!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. OMG, I feel like this project was not only made for my theme at Stampotique this week, but I feel like it was made especially for me!! I am a chocoholic and I CAN’T STAND house keeping. You could write your name in my dust house-wide most days! LOL! So glad you played along this fabulous creative piece!
    Val 🙂

    • So happy that you like it and I love it that you hate housework as much as me and not afraid to say it 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comments and a great challenge 🙂

  7. This is so sweet. I love Mr. Stripes, though I do confess to squishing a BIG spider last night. I’m not sure what’s going on with them at the moment, I seem to be having quite a few of the big harvest spiders which I’ve never had at this time of year before. Poppy is petrified of them too 🙁

    • Oh bless her for being scared of spiders. I will admit to squishing the horrible spindly things we have but the more solid ones are usually placed under a cup for someone else to deal with. If only they were all Mr Stripes 🙂 x

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