Monday, Monday – AGAIN! This morning I am off to York but, unfortunately, it is for a meeting for work 🙁 On the upside though I am meeting with my favourite colleagues AND, if there’s time, I may get the opportunity to zip off to my favourite cake shop – Betty’s. In my, very humble, opinion Betty’s do the best macaroons they also do a fabulous coffee cake, amazing Florentines and superb Yorkshire curd tarts.

So, being Monday, there is a new word over at Every Inchie Monday and this week it’s ballet. I love going to the ballet and I am lucky that Sheffield is often host to superb productions. My favourite company is Northern Ballet who never fail to disappoint and I have seen their production of A Christmas Carol more times than I can count. My favourite ballet is The Nutcracker and I will go and see any version of this and, if you get the chance to see the Northern Ballet’s version it is brilliant, not traditional, but fabulous. I originally planned my inchies to based on The Nutcracker, but instead came up with these:


I hope you can spot the ballet references?! The first three use some wood effect card as the base. This is meant to represent the floor of the stage. Firstly, I made a little tutu out of some pink net/tulle but, as I was making it I was suddenly struck as to how closely it resembled a butterfly. So instead I went with that!


This one is the bouquet of flowers that the Prima Ballerina receives at the end of a performance. It is simply some punched fronds and some tiny, tiny pink flowers.


The next one I like to think of as a ballerina in a square inch! The satin ribbon and bow represent the ballet slippers, there’s a tutu and a flower. If I could have thought of a way to make a bun (as in hairstyle) I would have done that too!


Lastly, I used a little clipart image of some ballet slippers and coloured it with Promarkers.


Not what I planned, but I hope you enjoy them all the same.



Here’s opening I return from York with one of Betty’s distinctive brown carrier bags. If I do, you can be sure it will be empty by the time I get home!


Thanks for buzzing by.


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  1. Unreal series! I got the references immediately. My favourite is the Sydney Dance Company, whose genius one-time choreographer had been nicked by Europe (I am sure Britain :)). Hope the cake shop was good.

  2. I do love them all. you put so much into all of them. fantastic! Glad you get to the ballet, i have never been. maybe one day. Also hope you had a macaroon for me 🙂

    • Thank you. You should go to the ballet if you can – total escapism. Always happy to manage an extra macaroon (or three)!!!

  3. haha I am certain that you have enjoyed the contents of your Betty bag by now!!! I am loving ALL of your inchies, some brilliant ideas! I didn’t think of the flowers, well done you xxx

    • Thank you Jean. If ever you get the chance to go to a ballet you should jump at it. One of the most relaxing things in the world – unless it makes you cry!!

  4. I gotta say, all four of them are outstanding!!! they deserve a standing ovation!! I am always intrigued how you do your Inchies!! I like how you always have a series to them! I may have to try that one time! Again, they are beautiful!! :0) Share Humanity

    • Thank you Annette. I’m not sure how it came about that I did more than one – probably because I couldn’t choose one idea and then it stuck! Next week will be interesting as I have a lot of things I want to do. Watch this space! 🙂

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