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Today I am back in Harrogate, this time for work. Last time we ran a training event at the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr, which is where I am today, we had to finish early as there was torrential rain and everywhere was flooded. However, that was in the summer so, naturally, now it is autumn we are  bathed in warmth and sunshine.

This week’s challenge word over at Every Inchie Monday  is “foot.” My first thought was that giant Monty Python foot that used to be used in the title sequence. Then I thought “Michael” as in the former leader of the Labour Party. Then I came up with these:


The moon landings were huge when I was little. My Dad had gone on and on about it for months but it was me and my Mum that stayed awake to watch the historic moment on TV. I had a great toy, the Viewmaster, that allowed you to view images in 3D. The first set of pictures I had were taken on the moon and I would spend hours just looking into them.

P1050956The base of these inchies is chipboard. I needed something a little substantial that would hold up to the texture paste that I covered them with. The actual feet were some plastic, pink earrings that I pressed into the paste whilst it was still wet.



Once the paste was dry I gave everything a couple of coats of gesso and then a top coat of black acrylic paint. Using my fingers, I applied gold and copper acrylic paint over the black.


The words were printed out on my computer and then coloured with Brushed Corduroy distress ink.

Do check out all the entries over at Every Inchie Monday they are super fabulous this week and there’s even a Monty Python foot with a twist!

My eldest son tells me that the moon landings they never actually happened and were faked. But  for me, they were a real and momentous occasion.

Thanks for buzzing by.


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    • Thank you – I’m not sure you can go wrong with an inchie! Except if you look carefully one of mine is under an inch!!xx

  1. What a lovely concept for foot – I love it and I too watched it all – a momentous occasion depicted by four beautiful inches and I’m in awe of how you made them!

  2. What great feet! I remember the moon landings too & the splashdown when they came back, I watched on a small b&w TV in our caravan on the beach in Calais – we were on our way back the UK the next day. It was real for me 🙂


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