My angel

Yet another week where it’s been “quite a week!” I can’t quite remember the last time when all was calm. For four days I have been delivering cookery training and am sporting a very interesting perfume which is a hybrid of “eau de biryani” and “eau de scone based pizza.” Next week it is our annual Big Cookathon and I shall be out and about cooking Speedy Chicken Biryani in some weird and wonderful locations. You can join in the fun AND win a cash prize, check out the details here. Without a word of a lie I can tell you that the recipe is super speedy, super easy and super tasty!

Anyway, although there has not been much time for crafting, actually there hasn’t been ANY time for crafting, I have managed to sneak in a little internet shopping of the crafting kind. I had a good excuse because over at Sunday Stampers Hels has asked us to use something new for this week’s challenge.



No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I really did manage to bag myself one (well two if truth be told!) of the new Stampotique stamps designed by Kate Crane. Hels’ Sunday Stampers challenge gave me the perfect excuse to try it out immediately! My project was inspired by Kate’s own inspiration for her new stamp designs and her memory of a story that had an angel captured in a jar.


This stamp is quite long so finding a suitable jar was tricky, but I managed.  However, as if photographing anything in a jar wasn’t difficult enough, the length of the jar (roasted red peppers since you ask!) made it even more of a challenge. I promise I did my best!


I stamped and cut out the angel and then coloured her with Promarkers. Her wings and the little heart are glittered, but you can’t really see that in the picture.


Next I created a little angelic cloud from wisps of muslin, gold stars and some sparkly snow type stuff and placed the angel at the centre.


I decorated the lid with more wisps of muslin and gold stars plus some white organza rose trim and a Stampotique star.


A created a little label as a finishing touch.


Hope you have a very happy weekend and thanks for buzzing by.



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  1. Lisette, now I am “green with envy” 😉 I still have none of the new Stampotique beauties, but this Angel you just rocked it, it was a fantastic idea to put here in a glass jar, wow, I want my own ark angel as well, and then I can make a wish whenever I want… hehehe

    • I feel your pain! I hope the supplies reach your part of the world very, very soon. That is the only downside about Stampotique addiction!

  2. OH for Pete’s sake, how inventive and clever you are. Love your little angel in jar. How you keep using your creative genius I have no idea when you have no time for crafting, who knows? You sure do tho.
    I’ve missed getting to even read your posts for last couple weeks, no internet connection for me. Had to get a new cable connection to router and my pc, had to wait til payday (this past Wed.til I Had money to buy it. So nice to have internet connection again. We had cable running under the rug and it got run over too many times, refused to do it’s blasted job. Hubs ran cable over ceiling to opposite wall where my pc is then to my pc. Miracles, durned machine works now.
    Hubs kept insisting it was my pc (both pc’s?). I had gotten out my old 7 to see if it would work which it didn’t) so will get new 8.1 out again to keep trying to work the blasted thing. Still need to get printer hooked up correct way, sigh. Such fun playing with these rotten machines. Figure have to pay for thing, might as well keep trying to figure out 8.1. hahahaha lol
    Happy weekend dear lady.

    • Glad to have you back! Technology is great when it does it’s job but what I nightmare when it goes wrong. I start shaking when I lose my internet!!!! However, it’s very good for my arm and elbow when I am forced to take a break 🙂

  3. Isn’t she a little sweetie, and decorated so beautifully. I love her little cloud.

    Dionne xx

    PS Time to book a holiday and give yourself something to look forward to.

    • Thank you – expect to see lots more of her! I have taken your advice and a holiday is booked but not until June. Will tell you all about it soon xx

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