Me and my little mouth(s)

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There is a play, a monologue in fact, by Samuel Becket called “Not I.” It was televised several years ago, with Billie Whitelaw delivering it. I’ve no idea now what is was about (not sure I ever knew to be honest) but I do remember being totally fascinated by it, which is probably why I watched it more than once. For the duration of the piece all you see is the mouth, everything else is completely blacked out. At times the mouth pauses, but for the majority of the time the words pour forth at quite a pace. The reason I recount this is because this week’s Every Inchie Monday Challenge – “mouth” – reminded me of that monologue.


These first two inchies which are clip art images that I have coloured with Promarkers, pay homage to “Not I,” mainly because of the black background.

This challenge clearly inspired me to show my cultural side as my remaining inchies are influenced by Andy Warhol


P1060381For these, I drew the image once and then photocopied it before colouring with Promarkers. The backgrounds are also coloured with Promarkers.



Be sure to buzz over to Every Inchie Monday as the entries this week are super stunning and the creative thinking that has gone on is genius, making me look very unimaginative!

Thanks for buzzing by.


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  1. I love the lips with the coloued background and my first thoughts were – very Andy Warhol, but I am not so sure about the ones with the black background, they seem to be after me! I bet they are in my dreams tonight.

    Dionne xx

  2. Wow! I thought yours to very imaginative!!! All the different colors and the different positions a mouth makes!!! Very Imaginative!!! And done very well, I might add!!! I really like all of them!! :0) Peace be Yours

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