Hark the Herald Angels

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Today I am super, super excited! Clearly, at this time of year, my excitement meter is usually up high but today it may just go off scale. Mr Beez and I are going out for lunch. Now going out for lunch is always a treat but at this time of year it seems extra special. However, the additional ingredient in the mix is that we are going to the restaurant where my youngest son is a commis chef – Fischers at Baslow Hall. We have been lucky enough to dine there before but not since our son has been in the kitchen. Not only does it have a Michelin star it is also in a beautiful setting. One of my son’s joys of working there is that he goes out and picks herbs and vegetables from the garden. It’s a short drive away but it takes us through some of the most beautiful countryside of the Peak District. I can’t wait.

Today I am sharing another of my Gecko Galz projects that I have made for the ornament challenge.


This uses an image from the Beautiful Dreamer collage set and I’ve simply created a skirt from some net/tulle and some beautiful lace that is sprinkled with gold.


The wings are from the Altered Artifacts ephemera set and I’ve added some gold glitter glue.


I used a scrap of gold Venise lace, braid and a gold rose to decorate her dress.


Her crown is made from some gold star wire trim.



We have had the angel that sits on the top of our tree since our first married Christmas, 31 years ago. I think I chose her because she was similar to the angel that my Mum and Dad had which had lived with me through my childhood.She came from Woolworths and is a little battered. But then who wouldn’t be after 31 years spent mainly living in a box!


A few years ago a bought a brand new angel but when it came to the crunch I just couldn’t replace the old one! My vintage angel is sitting on top of a little metal tree that I have at the bottom of our stairs.

Thanks for buzzing by.


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  1. I would be excited also. Have a fantastic lunch with your hubby…and better yet your son get’s to cook for you. What more can you ask. My daugther and I have annual Xmas girls day out every year and we always look forward to good company, great food, nice wine and all the Christmas feeling that goes with it. I love your angel…and I had to laugh when you said you first one came from Woolworth’s as my first “married” Christmas decorations came from there also. Sadly, in the states we don’t have this store anymore and I miss it dearly. Travel safe and enjoy.

    • Lunch was fabulous, we were treated like VIPs and were very proud of our son. Your Xmas girls day out with your daughter sounds fabulous too and very special. Wasn’t Woolworths a great shop? It no longer exists here either. I had a lovely moon decoration that, sadly, got broken but I will never forget it. I also had a pair of lovebirds on a (plastic) branch that I adored!

  2. As you can see I’m quite late with this response. I’m way behind in reading all my great posts from bloggers. My pc was down for about 2 weeks or so and I really got behind what with one thing and my blasted pc other. Hope your lunch was fantastic, what a treat to eat where your son works. Ah life is great isn’t it? Your angel is absolutely gorgeous. Know what you mean about not being able to replace the old one. Happy days

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