Flamboyant Flamingo

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Happy Sunday! I’m back from my travels in London having had a brilliant time. I had a very self-indulgent day with friends when we went and revisited our old offices from our days of working together at the BBC. I worked in Broadcasting House for the majority of the time, but also spent some time working in the Langham, which has once again reverted to being a hotel.


Broadcasting House


The new bit of Broadcasting House – this wasn’t there in my day


The Langham

This is what my old office in the Langham now looks like, I can assure you it was a lot more basic in those days, but we still had that lovely bay window.


My old office in the Langham, now part of the reception area

Of course, we had to sample a cocktail.


Today’s post comes with a warning – once you have seen what I have made you will never be able to un-see it. Anyone who knows me well will not be at all surprised as this is very me. I love kitsch, I love pink, I love flamingos, I love bling. Ready? Ta da…


Not as bad as you expected or infinitely worse? I guess it will depend on where you stand in terms of pink, flamingos, kitsch and bling! This is my Design Team piece for the current challenge over at Anything But A Card which is about using up old stash and supplies. Surely everyone has got a flamboyance of flamingos that they have had tucked away forever?


I first got the idea for this having seen some animal necklaces on Pinterest. The blogger had done her own take on some that, at the time, were being offered by Anthropologie. I loved these and knew that somewhere I had a huge tub of wild animals, dinosaurs and the like but a) I couldn’t find it and b) I really wanted a flamingo.


I managed to  get my hands on a supply ( 10 in total) via Ebay, where else, with the thought that I would transform them into designer jewellery. Then I got scared, hid them away and then forgot all about them…until now.


It couldn’t have been simpler to make and turned out more or less how I’d intended. I’d originally planned to use ribbon but then hit on the idea for the tutu after two friends dressed up as flamingos to do the Race For life (see, it’s not just me!). The crown is a small bead cap and I placed another on top of the tutu and topped it with a pearl bead. This hides the glue on bail which is on the reverse side. I’ve wrapped a small piece of bead trim around the neck and then added a pink gem, in addition to popping two more on the skirt. The pink ball chain completes the ensemble. I used E600 glue to adhere everything so it’s nice and secure.


Mr Beez has NOT seen this but I can be fairly sure of what his reaction will be when he does. I think I might surprise him by wearing it when we celebrate our wedding anniversary later this week.


Be sure to buzz on over to Anything But A Card and check out all the fabulous projects. As a crafter, it’s comforting to see what everyone else has been hoarding and inspirational to see how whatever it is has been put to use. If you’ve got some ancient supplies waiting to see the light of day why not create something and share it with us?


Flamboyant Flamingo — 8 Comments

  1. Lisette, this has got to be the most fun project on the entire design team! I LOVE your flamingo necklace with all of the bling! Fabulous creation!!!

  2. Your flamingo is such fun – quirky, blingy and a real delight! As for cocktails at the (ex-)office… if only we could all do that on a daily basis at work!
    Alison x

    • Thank you Alison, I’m so thrilled that people seemed to like it and I appreciate your leaving a comment. I actually wore it to the office today and there was a mixed reception!! Maybe it would have gone down better with cocktails 🙂

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