Do, re, mi – a yard of inchies

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Before I begin with today’s project, I have a little favour to ask. Voting has now begun on the Create for a Cause projects over at the Gecko Galz. The winning entry will receive a donation for their chosen charity, mine being Amy and Friends. You can vote for your favourite simply by emailing Of course I’d love it if you  would vote for mine, and it would make Amy and Friends very, very happy.

This week’s word over at Every Inchie Monday is “song.” Having last week said that I can’t seem to make just one inchie, this week I have virtually a whole yard of them. That’s yard as in three feet (almost a metre if you work in metric) not a back yard! Actually, I’m exaggerating, but I did find that once I’d started I couldn’t stop. Here are the originals:




I decided to represent song by using notes and the syllables of the musical scale, made famous by the classic song  in the Sound of Music. I hand drew these adding in decorative details. I probably should have done all seven but, to be honest, getting the first four right took me long enough! Once I had the four I decided it might be nice to experiment so I had a little play with some colour.




This design wasn’t my original idea, my first plan was to use swans and musical images (as in swan song) but it was hard to make four different ones. Anyway, I did get as far as making two, using images from The Graphics Fairy.



The swans are separate images which I cut out and glittered. I added blue Promarker to the music sheet images and a smidge of blue glitter which the camera doesn’t really pick up.

I never tire of watching The Sound of Music and when I was younger I was in love with Captain von Trapp/Christopher Plummer and thought making dresses out of curtains was a genius idea. I always struggle to remember whether Rolf gives them away whilst they are hiding in the convent. I still dream of recreating one particular scene from the film and Mr Beez worries that one day I will!  Can you guess which?


Do, re, mi – a yard of inchies — 14 Comments

  1. Love your inchies, so cute, the swan ones with glitter are sure pretty. I love the music ones also, you’re pretty talented, hand drawing. The music notes are very well done.
    I don’t mean to be dense, what do you do with things once you make them? Do you keep them in a book or use them to decorate cards? Sorry I was raised that you use something for a practical purpose, not just for fun or to look at. I’m still having a problem getting over that and I’m 73. Do you think I’ll get over it ever? lol.
    I love everything you make and often wonder what you do with it all.
    I too love Sound of Music, always have, the music, Julie Andrews voice. Such a shame she can’t sing anymore. We have the movie but wish I had a cd of the sound track. Loved the outfits she made for them out of the curtains. Makes me look at curtains in different perspective.
    I think making a dress out of curtains was done in another movie I can’t think of name of for my life. Was about the war between statesand slavery, Clark Gable. Sorry I get really annoyed at myself when I can’t think of something. Having a really bad senior moment, blast it.
    Look forward to all your posts.

    • Thank you so much. I’m planning on sending you an email but the rotten old day job keeps getting in the way. I have used inchies on cards in the past and they do look good but some of these are simply for fun! Could the other film be Band of Angels? I was struggling to think of a film title the other day and got really frustrated that I couldn’t name it. I gave a description but nobody got it from my clues (I’ve never seen it, which may be why!). At 73 – young enough to have years ahead of you! xx

  2. I think that poor Mr Beez is long suffering enough so perhaps you should interpret your favourite scene on paper or card and not make him dress up and sing!

    I love your inches, you are so clever, I do nor know where you find all of your imaginative ideas.

    Dionne xx

    • Oh Dionne he would love it that you thought he was long suffering!!! Thing is, he is now totally unsurprised by any of my madcap ideas x

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