Día de Muertos

How was your Halloween? Given it was the warmest Halloween on record here in the UK I didn’t think our number of callers was as high as it might have been. There were mainly large groups, rather than twos and threes, and they were accompanied by groups of parents who huddled at the end of the drive looking as if they would rather be doing anything other than chaperone their offspring. By 8.30pm it was clear that there would be no more callers which pleased Mr Beez no end!!

Halloween may be over but I’ve found a way to sneak in a couple more skull themed projects as today and tomorrow is , as suggested by the title of this post, the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead.” First up is a card that was made using an image from the Gecko Galz Day of the Dead collage sheet and paper from the Coven paper pack:


I’ve teamed it with bright pink, adding some ribbon, roses and punched black foliage.


My second project is an altered papier mache skull that I originally intended to use for Halloween:


I gave it a couple of coats of white acrylic paint and then a top coat of Mod Podge Sparkle. I used Promarkers to add detail to the teeth and eyes. Paper roses, hears and some tiny teardrop gems add further detail.

P1090421 P1090420

Now if you haven’t already check out the Gecko Galz Annual Blog Hop, be sure to check out the post pinned to the front of my blog – there are lots of fabulous free collage sheets to collect as well as loads of inspiration provided by the rest of the Design Team.



Now Mr Beez is already asking when the Halloween decorations are coming down. Surely an extra day won’t hurt will it? Thanks for buzzing by.



Día de Muertos — 10 Comments

  1. OMG, that skull is so great, loved the flowers and the hearts on it. By the way I can’t believe it that it is the 1st nov, it’s sunny and above 20°C, don’t remember such a day, it is washing the Halloween feeling away, back to the summer for another day.

    • Thank you 🙂 Funnily enough although it is still mild, the rain has now arrived which is more in keeping for this time of year!

    • Thank you Dionne. It was only Jack encouraging me with the skull that got me to finish it off. I’d started it awhile back and wasn’t sure but he seemed to quite like it! :)xx

  2. Oh my gosh, your card and skull is incredible, you are so blasted talented girl. Colors and embellishments you used are so wild and festive. What will you do with the skull now that Halloween is over? Do you give them away or keep for next year?
    lol sounds like my hubs. had asked him to get my Fall boxes down in Sept. and he got all riled up. Had to keep it more minimal (for me) this year. I don’t put out Halloween since nobody comes here but I do Fall decos. Glad to hear it wasn’t freezing/hailing/raining, etc. as one of blogs I subscribe to said it was in Chicago. It was quite pleasant here also, not warm but cool enuf to need jacket.
    We went to daughter’s house who live just about 7miles east of us in a development. They moved into their house in 2005 I think and are only remaining original occupant on their street. They live on curve/end of cul-de-sac in very nice 4 bdrm. 2 bath home they could have never afforded in San Diego. Before they even moved in our son in law did faux painting thruout the house. Still looks good after all these years. He’s repainted their girls rooms.
    One of worst neighborhoods in San Diego was ridiculously expensive, 500K for dumps in that time period. Had really gotten out of hand. They got their home for $159K which is a real deal here now. Many of their neighbors sold theirs when houses going for much more and bought bigger homes. The town they live in was a small agricultural area but is now quite populated as a bedroom community for Grand Junction. Still ranches and animals but not only that as it was before.
    Hope you get to enjoy your incredible Halloween decorations at least til tomorrow? Happy weekend

    • Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your visit to your daughter’s? I keep all the Halloween decorations I make – I was quite surprised this year when I unpacked the box as I didn’t realise just how many I had done and also I had forgotten some of them! I have managed to keep the décor up for the weekend but after that I will be pushing my luck 🙂

  3. Wow, I really do love the card, the skull is cute but the card is fabulous! I think you could enjoy it for at least a few more days too. ~Diane

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