Christmas angel

Craft packages ordered =1, craft packages received =2

Back safe and sound, but exhausted, after my trip to Hull. Having mentioned about Hull to Sheffield being a long train journey it turned out to be even longer as we got held up outside Selby. At least on arrival in Sheffield there was the sight of the Christmas tree to raise my spirits.

I have fond memories of Sheffield train station at Christmas. My grandparents would arrive their when they stayed with us. We would go and meet them and I can remember being so excited, standing beside the tree on the concourse, waiting for them to appear. After what seemed a lifetime my Grandad’s face would appear over the wall at the top of the stairs they had to walk down to reach us. The wall has gone now, and the station has been modernised, but the layout and the stairs remain the same and I often think of those times as I make my way to wherever I’m going and when I return.


Today I am sharing a little Christmas bauble that I made using a lovely angel image from The Gecko Galz.

P1050837I’ve learned from previous attempts, that trying to “float” an image inside a bauble is not as easy as it looks and so on this occasion have played safe! I’ve used a strip of vintage music manuscript, also from The Gecko Galz, and some ivory crochet lace around the centre of the bauble and topped it with the glittered image.


I’ve added some more lace and some wired,  gold starry trim around the top of the bauble.


I thought these might be quite nice if they were personalised with someone’s name.

Despite the long and tedious journey, yesterday’s event in Hull was good fun. We had a bit of a smoothie making competition and some of our delegates came up with a great jingle which they were brave enough to perform to camera.  You can check it out here and it would be great if you left a comment.

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Christmas angel — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve never tried putting images or fixed objects like trees in ornaments because I see them and think “yeah, right, I’m going to get THAT to stand up in there.” I love your solution to the problem; the ornament is adorable! Your group of ladies is lovely, too!

    • Thank you Roberta and I really appreciate you taking a look at the singing ladies. They came up with that in about 5 minutes! The trick I saw for “floating” images was to put it on to acetate that you then roll to put through the neck of the ornament and, once inside, it springs out. I had varying degrees of success with this but it took a lot of mucking about just to get one right!!! Now it’s always on the outside, unless I find some that come in two halves!

  2. Very smart solution, yeah sure I can get something to stand up in a glass ornament. lol. My hands don’t work real well anymore and weren’t that great when they did work better. I just figured I had to have other talents, still waiting to see what those talents are, if any. Not everybody can be as talented at what they do as you are. So many gorgeous projects you’ve shared with us, each one better than last.
    I’m going to have to get look at map of England so I can see where these places are that you go to. Seeing England has always been a dream of mine. Read so many books centered in England it’s really got my curiosity. I’d love to see Cornwall. Have you ever read “The Shell Seekers” by Rosamunde Pilcher? I’m about due to read it again. I like to read it at least once a year. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Now if you haven’t been to England you definitely should get yourself over here. From where I am, in Sheffield, Cornwall seems like a lifetime away but I know that when a friend from the USA lived over here she thought it was just a hop, skip and a jump! It is a very beautiful part of the world. My sister-in-law’s parents have a holiday home in a place called Port Isaac which is very pretty and is also used as a location for the TV series Doc Martin. We have been a few times. Sheffield is a former industrial city, known as the City of Steel, and as such has lots of areas that are run down. I’m lucky to live on the side that is right next to the Peak District National Park and has spectacular countryside. Most of the places I get to go to for work are not that great, although all have their nice bits, but part of my remit is to work in areas of deprivation. I’ve never read The Shell Seekers but a favourite of mine is Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. I used to read a lot of Victoria Holt books, historical romances, which were mostly set in Cornwall. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one?

I really appreciate it when people take time to leave a comment, thank you so much for doing so :)