Buzzing Back from the Big Apple

Good morning and a very happy Monday to you all. Yes, I’m back from my travels. I had a fabulous time in New York, it is an amazing city and Mr Beez and I packed in an awful lot and loved every minute. It truly was a holiday of a lifetime and I feel blessed that I was able to go. We created so many happy memories and I will treasure each an every one of them.

Skating in Central Park - "Look no hands!"

Skating in Central Park – “Look no hands!”

Thank you to those of you who, in my absence, left comments about my scheduled posts whilst I was away. It was a lovely treat to come back and read them and very much appreciated.

But back to reality today and, of course, back to work 🙁 However, it’s not long for me and of course there is all the excitement of Christmas approaching which for me, “is the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s also week two of our Christmas themed challenge over at Crafty Boots.  Today I’m sharing a little vintage style Christmas bauble:

Angel ornament

It’s always difficult to photograph anything like this as the light bounces everywhere! I’ve used a glass ornament that is more of a disc than a spherical bauble. I used a beautiful angel image from the Gecko Galz Vintage Angels collage sheet and stuck in on the outside of the glass.


Next I coated the back of the image with glue, allowing some to come over onto the front, and then dipped it in extra fine gold glitter. Now if you have ever used extra fine glitter you will know that it goes absolutely everywhere.  I have to tell you I was covered in it. This type of glitter also has super static qualities that means it is very difficult to remove, so once you’re covered in it you tend to stay like that for a good few days!!!


I added some gold foil stars to the inside of the bauble and then added gold glitter ribbon and starry tinsel trim. Finally, I added a circlet of turquoise gems.


This was a super quick project to make so I’m hoping to whip up a few more before I finally decorate my tree. After all, there are worse things than being covered in gold glitter!!

Hope you have time to buzz over to Crafty Boots and share your Christmas creations with us.

Thanks for buzzing by.


Buzzing Back from the Big Apple — 4 Comments

  1. I have been looking forward to this post because I was intrigue about how you made it. I had imaged it was very complex but you make it sound easier than I imagined, I love all of the gold glitter, I think it sets it off such a treat and you have managed to get great coverage.

    I have loved reading about your trip and cannot wait to find out more.

    Dionne xx

    • It really was very simple – I saw something similar in M & S and thought “I can do that!” The bauble itself was from Panduro 🙂 xx

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