Bucket of snow

Craft packages ordered =2, craft packages received =1

Although here in Sheffield we are bathed in late Autumn sunshine, I’m always on the look out for the first sign of snow. The climate in the UK is so unpredictable, snow is never guaranteed but always possible! As it doesn’t  currently look like snow is on the cards, I’ve created my own little bucket of snowballs to share with you today:


These snowballs are probably the next best thing as within the  powdery exterior lies a heart of chocolate!

The bucket itself is one of my little wooden canapé cups. I gave it a couple of coats of gesso followed by a coat of white acrylic paint and then applied the snowman image which is from the Gecko Galz  Frosty collection, sealing it with some Modpodge. Next, I added a coating of Snowtex and a liberal sprinkling of chunky glitter.




I’ve added mini white pom- pom trim around the top and bottom and added some extra, larger pom-poms to frame the image.


The handle is made from a silver chenille stem and I’ve decorated it with some more images from the Gecko Galz, white seam binding bows and a glittery snowflake. The additional words were printed from my computer.



I will be honest and tell you that the bucket is now empty! The sun must have melted the snow!!!!!



I am sharing this over at City Crafter Challenge Blog who are inviting you to to make or decorate a container for their  “Hold it All,” challenge theme.  The Design Team, as always, have come up with some great inspiration and is just the place to go if you want to find inspiration not onlyyou’re your Christmas gifts, but gift presentation ideas for other times of the year too.

Thanks for buzzing by.


Bucket of snow — 12 Comments

  1. Wonderful project, your bucket looks amazing and would look great containing all sorts of Christmas themes things – which is just as well as I imagine that chocolates are never going to last long. 😉

    Dionne xxx

    • If I make these as gifts, no one would ever get the chocolate!!!! But I like your idea of using them for other things mmm – I feel another Christmas card distraction coming on!! xx

  2. Oh my that is simple adorable. I love snow but living at the beach we don’t see it often. A couple inches a year if we’re very lucky. Funny you posted this as about a hour ago the electricity in our town went out. Light a candle and looked out the French Doors and we have about a inch of lovely snow…I am a happy person. Your bucket of snow would be so sweet for individual place settings or for a children’s tea.

    • Wow, that’s amazing! I used to live near the coast too and we never saw snow but when it snows where I currently live, it really snows! Keep warm x

  3. What an absolutely enchanting gift to give. The little snowballs look good enuf to eat. Good thing you took photos of your creation when you did. What a shame the sun melted them, lol. Adorable and gorgeous as always Mrs. Beez Happy days.
    No snow here in CO either but maybe some this weekend and colder temps, again. It likes to play with us before we get winter I guess. Tuesday I was out on our back deck organizing my Fall decos box, it was so hot I was sweating. Denver gets alot worse weather on other side of Rocky Mtns. than we do. They can have it tho. They get snow storms at weird times of year.

    • I wondered if you would have had your first snow yet. It’s been mentioned on our forecast here, but further north I think. However, definite wind chill today. Keep warm xx

  4. What a happy beautiful creation Lisette! It’s raining here now, but they’re predicting snow for tommorrow evening, brrr. Don’t throw these snowballs though please 🙂 Thank you for joining us at CCCB! Hugs, Wendy

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