Angel hair

I have a very vivid memory from my childhood of something called “angel hair” that festooned Christmas trees. We didn’t have it in our house, but others did and I can remember the magical quality of pretty coloured lights (I am not a fan of today’s LEDs in primary colours) shining through what looked like a silky, candyfloss like material. I think it might have been some sort of fibre glass so was probably lethal in some way, but for me it was pure magic. I only mention because I’ve been thinking about the hair of actual angels. Take a look at today’s project and you’ll see why!


This is my DT piece for the new challenge over at Anything But A Card where the theme for December is “celestial.” I decided not toΒ opt for my favourite celestial bodies – Β sun, moon and stars and create this little lady (for she is a “she”) instead. You will see she has no hair. Mr Beez, apparently, does not like hairless angels. How I can have been married to him for over thirty years and not known this is a mystery! She doesn’t have hair for the simple fact that I didn’t have anything suitable from which to make it and I actually liked her without.


Her body is a wooden peg doll blank. I’ve had a bag of these in my stash forever so it’s about time they saw the light of day. I painted the body white and then added some rosy cheeks ,using some distress ink applied with a cotton bud, and some eyes. Then I wrapped her in some very loose weave muslin/cheesecloth, adding some extra layers over the top to create a wispy, ethereal quality.


Her wings are cut from some heavy gold lace. I love it that I got two wings from just the tiniest bit of this highly prized trim. Her little halo is a circlet of thin gold tinsel. This was probably the hardest part to do and I was quite glad I hadn’t opted for hair as I thing I would have got in a right old state.


My little angel is standing on a base created from a cotton reel. I’ve left the cotton on it and covered it with some music manuscript and gold starry trim. I thought a long time about the words I was going to use and opted for “noel, noel.” However, as soon as I had stuck that on I wished I had opted for “Gloria” instead! To me, this little angel looks full of mischief and I think Gloria is a name that suits her down to the ground.


Make sure you buzz over to the Anything But A Card Challenge blog and take a look at what the rest of the super-talented DT have been up to. From the sneaky peeks I’ve seen, there is a whole range of ideas to inspire you.

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Angel hair — 12 Comments

  1. What a lovely little angel, and I like her as she is, I think that the her halo looks like a golden hair crown, so sorry but I need to argue with the point of her hairlessness. Like her stand as well.

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you. I have given her to a friend for Christmas and changed the Noel to Gloria – it seemed to suit – but have left her hairless!

  2. I am loving Gloria (although I have heard it argued that angels only ever come in the male variety and therefore quite possibly hairless … or even bearded – now there’s a thought).

    I suspect my brain is about to go into pre-Christmas meltdown and this could possibly explain all of these strange thoughts but I think that her pretty, whispy dress looks a little like she is being beamed up by Scotty! I do apologise, it’s the pressure build up!

    Dionne xx

  3. I think your little angel is great!! And I think she looks just fine as is, no hair needed. I especially love the fact that you named her “Gloria,” since that was my mother’s name and she was born on Christmas Eve just after 11pm. My mom said that all angels have blonde hair, so that’s how I’ve always depicted them. You can tell your hubby that since she is blonde, her hair is so fine that it just doesn’t show up very well.
    Hope you aren’t too frantic with work and all your design team duties and Christmas coming.xox

  4. Oh Lisette! She is just beautiful! I remember the angel hair from my childhood too. We had a star that had it inside, it was so lovely. Unfortunately the stuff was probably toxic, like you said, but very pretty. πŸ™‚ xo

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