Triple Abandonment – the final drop

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So today was the day of my triple abandonment.

First, to Caffe Nero where I left the butterfly:

Abandoned butterfly/moth in Caffe Nero

That was fun! On my return to the office I spotted the CCTV camera in the main reception so instead, as I left for the station, I left the rainbow heart in the lift! Wonder how many times it’s been up and down?

Abandoned rainbow heart, in the lift, East Parade

If you remember I was then heading for Leeds. Now Leeds station is a place I am very familiar with but I was hoping that my art could get a little further afield. The train I catch to Leeds has the final destination of Scotland – often Edinburgh, sometimes Glasgow and occasionally Aberdeen. On it’s return it could be heading for anywhere between Reading and Penzance. I decided I’d opt for the Scottish option, the 12.21 to Edinburgh.

The piece that I have abandoned is another mixed media using acrylics, silver leaf and a stamp from Katy Sue Designs Fairy Stamp. It started off as something completely different, which I hated. Then I covered up the mess and created a “happy accident”, But then I mucked it up again. But I like the way the moon has turned out and may recreate this for some other pieces. Think I would probably leave the silver leaf off too.

As luck would have it, I got a double seat all to myself (remember the Ben Elton gag?!). I took the photo’ early on in the journey. As I got off the train, making sure I was last, I didn’t look back. i then had a little panic hoping I didn’t spark a major secuirty alert and watched to make sure the train left the station without undue delay. Now I hope that someone finds it before they do a litter sweep through the train and it ends up in a bin bag (the art equivalent of a body bag???).  That would be tragic!


Come fly with me – mixed media with stamping.


Abandoned fairies – 12.21 Sheffield – Edinburgh train


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