Get ready for the triple abandonment!

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 3  – shameful, especially when left with neighbours

Normally I work from home. This is NOT the doddle some people seem think it is. It can be very lonely, you end up working an incredibly long day and your work is ever present. Luckily, I live in the same city as my organisation’s head office so, instead of having to rely on conference calls (loathe em) I can go an bag a desk and worth there for the day. That’s where I’ve been today and I am returning again tomorrow.

I wanted to abandon a piece in the office building. My organisation is only one of a number of organisations housed there. However, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow when I leave. That way, if anyone from my team discovers it, and makes a connection, I won’t have to answer for my actions. Contrary to my Leo birthsign, I am the shy and retiring type – but annoy me and you will hear me roar!

In addition to leaving that piece tomorrow I also have two other great opportunities to abandon some work. I’ll tell you you about  the first one as that will be the one I do earliest. For the third piece you’ll need to check back tomorrow.

The first piece I shall leave will be yesterday’s butterfly canvas. I will be finding a quiet spot in Caffe Nero on Fargate. I’m not sure of the time, but that’s where you’ll find it. Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs.

Moth transformed into a butterfly – mixed media with moth image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Then, as I leave the office at lunchtime I will abandon my next piece in the ground floor foyer. So let me tell you about this piece. I had a left over canvas from last week and decided I’d like to try colour on a black background. I continued my obsession with dots and chose a heart, just because I could. I deliberately placed it off centre so that I could add some words to the side. This isn’t a great pic but you’ll get the idea of how it started out.

Rainbow Heart – first attempt, failed!


Now I loved the black background and the bright colours looked zinging but the darker colours kinda got lost. I thought I’d try a bit of white and see what happened. Better, but next time I’ll probably add a little more white first. It also took me a while to decide on the text – I didn’t want to use “LOVE”. The text you see is what I found via a google search. Sadly, no credit was given but I thought it worked well. Doing the writing freehand (OK so I did it light pencil first) was a big step but, all in all, I think it turned out alright.

Rainbow Heart – looking a bit brighter


Once I’ve abandoned this piece I will be off to Leeds which gives you an idea of where the next one will be left… to be continued.

I really appreciate it when people take time to leave a comment, thank you so much for doing so :)