Abandoned Art – Think Pink!

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Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Someone (and probably more than one) on the Art Abandonment FB  page has posted pictures of one of their pieces sitting next to a sink in a ladies “rest room.” I thought this would be quite a good place to try and given that it’s more than likely to be found by a female person something pink would do quite nicely.

Now not only was I due a meeting at the Novotel in Sheffield all day, but also I just happen to have some little pink art works waiting for a new home. Art works is probably over stating it a bit, well a lot as it happens. I just happened to have some left over pieces of card canvas from other projects and felt the urge to go pink. I used the bee stamp and decided to leave it “au natural” (i.e. pink) rather than adding a touch of yellow and I quite like it.

I’d had the idea of a heart with wings for quite awhile. The wings were made from some fusible film which I just ironed and cut. This gives me a good excuse to show you my new funky ironing board cover! Isn’t it fab? But a bit confused by the fact that there were washing instructions on the packaging? Does anybody wash their ironing board cover. Really?!


My new animal print ironing board cover, sorry I mean fusible film


Anyway, I digress. That’s because the finished pieces are not my best work. But then this was a using up leftovers project. I decided to make them functional by adding magnetic strip to the back.

Love pink little magnets


Love pink magnets – just scraps!

The ladies in the Novotel is very dark but I managed to do the “drop” and collect the evidence. I just hope I get to find out what happens to this little lot.

Magnets abandoned in the ladies at the Novotel, Sheffield

PS – Have you guessed what this is yet? All will be revealed tomorrow!

Sneaky peek – can you tell what it is?


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