Abandoned Art – Good to go and finding the giving tree

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft supplies received = 0 – but then it is sonday

Today’s the day! Very excited. All week I have been showing you the work I have prepared as part of the Art Abandonment Facebook group Giving Tree Challenge. I also mentioned the rain and how that would lend a bit of secrecy. However, it also means you have to package your stuff up really well so it doesn’t get spoiled before it’s found.

Here are the cards that will be left with the packages…

Label – both sides – I laminated these and included with the packages


Can I just say, this first abandonment did NOT go well! Firstly, there was a mild domestic between me and Mr Beez as to how to tie the packages to the trees. Then, instead of the rain providing the hoped for veil of secrecy, low and behold, we have sunshine. Nevertheless, we drove to chosen location one and pah! big open day in the environs HUGE!  Masses of people, nowhere to park so…

… off to chosen location number 2. Mr Beez refused to go into the proper woods insisting that the trees near the car park were fine. But peoplejust kept on rocking up. In the end I just had to go for it. I decided to leave only four out of the six. At that point of course I discover just how windy it is today – deep joy!  Just as Mr Beez was taking a pic a couple strolled up to have a good look. Did they take anything? We didn’t stay to find out but at least they took an interest. I have to say it wasn’t quite the Father Christmas moment I was hoping for.

Giving Tree Location 2 – who knew it was going to be windy!!!

Abandoned Art – The Giving Tree July Challenge

Two pieces left. Off to location 3 – the station. Our local station is generally just busy during commuting times. But not today – naturally. Two cyclists waiting for a train (how dare they!) couldn’t just stand still and look hopefully up the track. No, no, no they had to explore every nook and cranny. Once again, mission curtailed.

Location 4- our local village green. Now today should have been the well-dressing service and this normally takes place on the green. However, because of the rain, it is far too wet for lots of footfall and so it was EMPTY!!    This time we were undisturbed, although doubtless curtains were twitching. Will I go back and check – erm probably not but you can bet your life Mr Beez will.

Giving Tree – part 2, on the village green


Obviously if I tell you where the locations are that would spoil the whole thing but I don’t think, on this occasion, it would be difficult to work out as both are very close to home.  Location 2 was a park that begins with W close to where I live and not that far away from one of my crafty favourites Craftie-Charlie.

Sorry to Rachel and Daisy236 who I know were hoping to be finders but you never know – they may all still be where I have just left them.

Here’s a reminder of what I’ve been abandoning. Is this the end? No way, this is just the start 😉

Abandoned Art July 2012 – the Giving Tree challenge. The last time my little pieces were altogether before their abandonment 🙂

PS – As predicted – Mr Beez has been back to check. All four in Location 2 have gone – unfortunately some of the packaging has been left tied to the tree so will have to go and sort that. The other two remain.


Abandoned Art – Good to go and finding the giving tree — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been to ecclesall woods and mill houses park today. Had a lovely day in the sun but very disappointed didn’t find any art abandoned! Some lucky people will have got some lovely art 🙂 your story about domestic with Mr Beez made me laugh lol I know what he can be like at work!! So can imagine his comments today lol 🙂 x

    • I did feel bad – typical it was open day at the trains and industrial hamlet and Whirlow turned into a nightmare too! However, now I’ve done the challenge I am going to do random “drops” across Yorkshire and the Humber as I travel about for work and I will definitely include Eccy Woods!

  2. I live very near to the village so I popped up this evening…..I hope you dont mind I took both! One for me and one for Rachel. Thay are lovely, thank you!

    • Oh I am so glad you did but just sorry one of them wasn’t the daisy (if I’d known I would have left it). Enjoy and feel free to abandon them again if you get fed up. (However, the tiscali email isn’t correct so I’ve had to do some new cards – doh!). Also, I’ve done my first blog challenge (Graphics Fairy) – if you’ve any others to recommend I’d love to hear from you.

I really appreciate it when people take time to leave a comment, thank you so much for doing so :)