Abandoned Art #5 – Remember

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I love poppies and am also a big supporter of the British Legion Poppy Appeal. As a child, I was mesmerised by the Festival of Remembrance when the poppy petals descended on the assembled troops almost from nowhere; how they all stood untwitching as the delicate blooms fluttered by – one for each soldier killed in action. “We will remember them.”

Today’s piece wasn’t planned, it just evolved after I had finished Daisies are our Silver.  It’s  quite similar, using the same book (gasp!) and art materials. I knew my late Mum had written a poem about the first world war but was genuinely stunned, when I re-read it, to find references to a bee and the spurts of red both of which appear in my work.

My Mum wrote poetry in her spare time. Many are quite poignant and some are quite funny.  After she died we published a small collection for friends and family. I have included her poem “Poppies” below. If you like today’s post then consider a donation to the Poppy Appeal. Remember them.

The Poppies

Drizzle damping

Soldiers tramping

Down the Flanders road

Mud bespattered

Shell-shock shattered

Mortar bombs explode


From the trenches

Evil stenches

Rotting corpses lie

Others, wounded

All hopes grounded

Shriek aloud their cry.


Bodies lurching

Some soul-searching

Asking, asking “Why?”

Do we forment

Horror, torment,

Leaving men to die?


Summer’s coming,

Bees are humming

Down the Flanders Lane

Soft winds blowing

Poppies growing

On the Flanders plain.

Bright spurts of red

Where blood was shed

Everlasting stain

They grow there yet

Lest we forget

What men died to gain.

Elizabeth Mary Harland 1940 – 2000

© Lisette Baker

Remember – mixed media






Abandoned Art #5 – Remember — 4 Comments

  1. I’ll be watching for clues of the location 🙂 The last 2 creations look fab. Especially liked the Daisy’s are our silver. My sister would like it too as her dog is called Daisy!! Not sure how my sister got so many followers from all over the world!! I’ll ask her tho x

    • I’m a bit scared about where to leave them. Would be gutted if they were still hanging there a week later. If it keeps raining I might be able to get away with going to a certain park just across the road! I will do commissions and. for certain people who work in “Iron” buildings, as a gift!

  2. Oh this poem really touched my heart, your Mother, blessed be her memory, had a great talent with words. Love how the poem turns from the painful horror scene of the war to a still but honoured sight of a poppy field.

    • Thank you – she wrote a lot of poems and my brother put a collection of them into a book after she died. There are some very moving ones and then some fun ones including a Halloween one that I mean to share each year and never do!

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