Abandoned Art #4 – bees and books

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I have more books than you can imagine. If people tell me they have a lot of books I always think  “huh, you ain’t seen mine!” I have books in every room of the house, books in the attic and, as I recently discovered, books in the garage. I have books of every genre, books I’ve read once, books I’ve read hundreds of times, books I’ve never read but want to and books I’ve never read and never will. I just can’t get rid of books. Going forward, a Kindle would be the solution but I love the feel, look, sound and smell of a real book.

Not only do I have my own books and my childrens’ books but I also have my late Dad’s books (and he had almost as many books as me, if not more!). I’m deciding what to do with them you see.

My love of books makes it very difficult when I see fantastic creations made from repurposed books (check out my Pinterest board). I desperately want to have a go myself but each time I cannot bring myself to harm my precious library. So I was thrilled when I came across a bag of books in the garage (goodness knows why they were there, a halfway house probably before I got rid – ha! ha!) and had a rifle through to discover a candidate to sacrifice! “Last of the Mohicans” since you ask.

I’ve ripped it, shredded it, torn it and drawn on it and reader, do you know what, I did it without a care? Ok, so there is only a tiny bit of evidence on the latest piece of abandoned art but it’s a start!

You will see the bee is back (yay!) and the words are from a hymn of my childhood  – “Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold, this is all the treasure, we can have or hold”. You can find the rest of the words here: Daisies are our silver Enjoy!

Daisies are our silver, mixed media



Abandoned Art #4 – bees and books — 2 Comments

  1. I love using old books to alter or stamp on. I have a dog called Daisy, I think your canvas is great. I’m eagerly waiting for your clue this weekend I don’t live too far from eccie woods!

    • Thanks Joanne. Still undecided and it will depend on how heavy the rain is. I’d love you to get the Daisy, but if you don’t I will do you another 🙂

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